Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Blog is Dusty!

Wow. My last post on here is from October of 2009! That is terrible.

Since then, I've *almost* completed P90X once. I came really close. Week 11 of the 13-week program came the week before we left for a trip to Mexico, and I could never get back into the groove once we returned. I tried to do week 11 over twice and then gave up. Summer, after all, was almost over.

So. Um. Yeah. Then came fall and birthdays and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the ensuing highly caloric and fattening foods I simply had to make and taste and eat.

And with that, came squishiness where I definitely do NOT want it and about 5-10 pounds I absolutely hate.

Where I have issues with working out and eating right is the actual motivation and willpower to do the right thing for my body. I have this inner dialogue that is literally always running and most of the time, it is running on and on about food. And whether or not I should do that workout. Most of the time lately, I have been listening to the lazy side of the argument.

And then, my husband and I went shopping together after Christmas. I needed new jeans. I tried many pairs of jeans on and was disgusted by myself and the way they looked (and NO, moving up a size is simply NOT an option). Dr Pop was in the dressing room with me and he is nothing if not honest about how clothes look on me.



The next day, I began P90X again. My goal is to complete two weeks and then go back and buy the jeans that *almost* fit.

I haven't been perfect in my workouts (skipping one or two here and there), but I am definitely already seeing results both physically and on the scale.

On Saturday, those jeans will be mine!

Of course, that means that I will only have completed two weeks out of a thirteen week training regimen. So I need more motivation.

Aside from the fact that we will be going to the beach mid-March and again in mid-June, I need something to help me stick with it. I don't think dropping $200 on a pair of jeans every two weeks as a reward for my hard work will be very well-received. ;)

What motivates you?


Jessica Gottlieb said...

Argh. I should do that dumb thing. Apparently they're working with me at momversation, but of course I'm the only person I know who doesn't own one yet.

It's good?

Mrs Pop said...

It's ridiculous, and I have very bad thoughts about the cheese factor, and I tend to quote all the smarmy lines by heart at the end, but... If you stick with it, you will be amazed at the results. I have not been very good with the sticking to it this time, but I'm getting there. And even with being lazy, I'm seeing results. If you look on my FB at any of my summer pictures, you will see what it did.