Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm stuck. My body is stuck. I have no willpower to resist bad foods.

I think I might be a little depressed about it. I do not for the life of me understand how, after working out 3 - 4 days a week, cutting back on the bad stuff (but no, not cutting it completely out), and trying to live a healthier life, I am STILL stuck at this same number.

Look, I normally walk around anywhere between 127 and 132, depending on the time of month, extra indulgences, what have you. I've been stuck between 133 and 136 for about two months or more (since I started weighing myself regularly again). It's really irksome.

I know what I need to do. But I cannot bring myself to do it. I need to kick start with South Beach or something similar. I have exactly 30 days before I board a plane to Mexico. If I spend the next 14 eating lean protein, low fat, lots of veggies, and very few carbs, plus exercise 4 to 5 days out of each seven, I should be there.

[insert whiney voice]BUT IT'S SO HARD![/insert whiney voice]

Monday, October 12, 2009

Three Steps Forward...

Three Steps Back...

This AM, I was right back at 134.0.

I worked out. I ate well (mostly). I'm at a loss.

38 days until I'll be donning a bikini.

Monday, October 05, 2009



So, in my quest for better health and a tighter body by November 20th (the day we leave for our Playa Thanksgiving adventure), I have committed to only weighing myself once a week. On Mondays. Before I get in the shower in the AM.

When I updated two weeks ago, I weighed 133.4.
Last Monday, I weighed 132.2.
Today, I weighed 131.2.

So everything is going in the right direction, right? My goal is 122. I think it's reasonable.

I'm a results-oriented person and I also like instant gratification. The past 12 months have been a yo-yo of working out, eating right, being a slug, eating like crap, starting over, getting discouraged, and a complete yo-yo! I took a couple of months off from working out, and when I would go back to it, I'd run for a couple of days and then take four weeks off. Not good.

I leave for Playa in 45 days. In an effort to jump start things in my body last week, I decided to do a cleanse.

I'm not going to say which one, other than to say it wasn't a starvation cleanse, but more of a "move things along" cleanse. I stuck with it for 6 days, finally giving up yesterday.

I'm not a proponent of "cleanses." I've always railed loud and long about the negative health effects of them. And after last week? I haven't changed my mind. Cleanses are dangerous. When you take what amounts to a handful of laxatives (under the guise of "herbal" and "root" and blah, blah, healthy, blah) twice a day for a week, you are going to lose weight. In my case, I lost a pound, but I coupled the "cleanse" with four days of exercise and one or two better food choices. If I'd coupled the exercise with good, healthy eating, my results would probably had been better cleanse or no cleanse.

The good news from last week? I worked out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. For that, I'm proud of myself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Man, this thing is dusty!

Does the fact that I haven't updated since February mean I haven't been working out?


In fact, I had several spurts of intense workouts during the months of May, June, and July, mainly around a couple of trips to Mazatlan.

Problem is, I have been a slug ever since and in between those intense bursts.

The result?

I weigh 133.4 pounds. There. I put it out there. This morning, I got on the scale, and I weighed 133.4 pounds.

While that is not "heavy" by any stretch of the imagination, and that is a healthy weight, and blah, blah, blah... To put it into perspective, in May of 2007, I weighed in at a svelte, cut, smokin' hot 121 right before leaving for a week in Playa. Before I left for Playa in 2008, I weighed about 123/124. Before I left for my friends' wedding in Cancun, back in February, I weighed about 125. All of those times, I had a flat, ripped stomach and my clothes fit like a dream.

Because of this, I bought more clothes in those new, smaller sizes. And now? These clothes DO. NOT. FIT.

Time is of the essence. My family will be trekking to the beach one more time in 2009 (for Thanksgiving!), and it is damn time I get with it! Again!

So today (and every day between now and then), I am going to exercise. I am going to eat right (with the exception of the bag of cheetos and cupcake I just ate). I am going to get back to my former self.

I have no excuse for what happened. I just ate more and moved less instead of the opposite.


Monday, February 09, 2009

So Hi!

Well, since I last sat down to compose a post about working out, I've worked out every single day but one (this past Thursday, don't ask).

I'm in a bit of a funk about it, though, to tell you the truth. Do you know that I have not lost ONE. SINGLE. POUND! since ramping up my regime? I think my ass and my tummy still look squishy and I'm not even close to being ready for a beach.

And that is really too bad because three weeks from now, I'll be on a beach. Hmm...

So if I'm working my ass off (figuratively, so not literally at this point), what the Hell is the problem?

Food. As in I cannot stop eating it. As in I had two fast food cheeseburgers this weekend. With french fries and tater tots.


Wish me luck! I'm going to weigh in every Monday (maybe) and post what I've been eating and how much I've exercised. Maybe the blog can hold me accountable.

Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Train

The workout train, that is...

Last week I went Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This week, I've worked out (either at home with Turbo Jam or at the gym) every single day. Monday - Thursday. Yeppers!

I also tentatively started South Beach to kick-start my metablolism. HA! I lasted two days!!!

I think as long as I work the cardio, add some weights for definition in my arms and weighted squats and lunges, and continue the intensity for the next three weeks, I will be in decent enough shape for my friends' Mexico beach wedding.

I just have to say no to the cookies!

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Turbo

Two weeks in a row, people! Two weeks in a row! Go me!

And in other good news, my friend has returned my original Turbo Jam, so I can get back to Turbo Sculpt, Ab Jam, and Cardio Party Mix 1.

I have to say, though, that being limited to the workouts of Maximum Results has been an eye-opener. I've had these DVDs for close to two years and had barely touched any of them. I'm glad to know that I can make it through some of these workouts that had been intimidating to me.

I think I'm going to have to work out six days a week until we leave for Mexico, though, to get back into last year's shape. Oh well.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Maximum Results

So... If you've even read one post on this blog, you are well aware that I am a huge fan of Turbo Jam. I cannot say enough positive things about it. Chalene Johnson's workouts are intense and produce results.

I purchased Turbo Jam in 2006 after watching an infomercial and have been using it ever since. In 2007, somewhat bored with the current routine of 5 workouts (of which I did 3 on a regular basis), I ordered Turbo Jam "Maximum Results." And it kicked my ass. I thought it was so hard, that I really only utilized two of the workouts (Fat Blaster and Totally Tubular Turbo). Then I got a gym membership for my birthday last year and really stopped the Turbo.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I did the unthinkable and loaned out my original Turbo Jam workouts to a neighbor. She still has them. And I'm going to Mexico in 7 weeks. I used the whole "I only have Maximum Results and I hate it" bit as an excuse to not get off my ass and work out, until I could no longer ignore the "squishyness" of my body.*

*Cue my friends who will immediately jump in and say, "You're not fat!" Duh. I know that I'm a healthy weight. But all that lovely muscle and those flat-ish abs have gone away in a whirlwind of TV-watching, chip and queso-eating, fast food and holiday binge.

Tuesday, I finally got my lazy butt off the couch and popped in Fat Blaster. 30 minutes later, I was drenched in sweat, breathing laboriously, and generally feeling like I was going to die. Wednesday, I pulled out "Cardio Party, Mix 3," my nemesis. The workout that I couldn't get even 1/3 of the way through the first three times I attempted. 50 minutes later, my legs were shaking like they were made of jello and my hip flexor and oblique muscles burned... In a good way. Even better? The feeling of accomplishment I felt in that I had done every rep, every exercise, every minute of the workout! For the first time EVER! Thursday, though? I was hurting. But I sucked it up and did the Totally Tubular Turbo (this is a 30-minute resistance band routine for muscle/strength/toning). It wasn't as intense of a cardio workout, but it worked all my muscles.

Hooray! I'm feeling the pain today, and I won't workout today. But I have got to keep up with the workouts because I WILL once again rock the Riviera Maya!