Monday, March 31, 2008

Still the One

More than the gym, more than the free weights, more than the ipod and neighborhood running path, Chalene is the one who gives me results.

I did Turbo Sculpt twice last week (once all the way through and once for 20 minutes after a 30 minute run). For the first time in quite some time, I see some results.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy going to the gym and using those machines. I completely see and recognize the value and I do not intend to stop.

But for a good, fat-burning, cardio blasting, make-you-sweat workout, give me Fat Blaster, Cardio Party Mix 1, and Turbo Sculpt!

I've hit this wall and I am getting a little discouraged. It seems that no matter what I do or what I eat, I am stuck. I keep comparing my body this year to my body last year, and frankly, this year's isn't adding up. It's like I'm the poster child for the reason you DON'T stop working out! I have 53 days to whip myself into shape and looking at it from that perspective, I don't have enough time!

Of course, looking at it from the other side, my vacation cannot come soon enough, but that's another story for another blog.

Here's the past week in review:
Monday -- 3/24 -- Ate reasonably well. Drank sludge. Went to gym.
Tuesday -- 3/25 -- Ate reasonably well. Drank sludge. Did Turbo Sculpt (entire thing!).
Wednesday -- 3/26 -- Ate reasonably well. Drank sludge. Walked to park, played at park, walked back with son. Spent 4.5 hours in the AM at the emergency room with Dr Pop. Long story.
Thursday -- 3/27 -- Ate reasonably well. Drank sludge. Did not work out as spent entirely too much time at office of orthopedic surgeon (another long story).
Friday -- 3/28 -- Ate like a pig. Drank sludge. Did not work out as was too lazy.
Saturday -- 3/29 -- Ate reasonably well. Drank sludge. Snacked a bit too much. Went on aforementioned 30 minute run in neighborhood and 20-minutes of Turbo Sculpt.
Sunday -- 3/30 -- Ate like a pig. Did not drink sludge. Did not work out.

Monday -- 3/31 (so far) -- Got on scale and had gained 4 pounds since Thursday. Depressed. Eating reasonably well so far. Drank sludge. Have plans to go to gym with gimpy husband.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Really CAN'T Go Home Again! And Better Sludge!

Not if you're trying to be healthy, that is!

This past weekend, we traveled to my hometown for Easter. I ate like a pig! Thanks Mom for making those cupcakes and cookies and then holding me down and forcing me to eat them (no, not really, but I did eat too much)! Oh well.

I have some sludge news!!!

I have been using Greens Plus ( because it is available at my local vitamin store. The taste has been completely gag-inducing, but the powder was very convenient. Well. My parents decided to try the other recommended product, Greens First ( and they bought an extra can for me.

WOW! All I can say is WOW! It tastes good! You read that correctly. It tastes good. Sort of sweet and minty. So for the past two mornings, before I leave for work, I mix a scoop of the powder with three teaspoons of Benefiber and 4 ounces of water, drink it, then chase it with another glass of water and I feel terriffic!

I'm not putting in the spirulina powder because it just tastes like skanky pond scummy water (or how I imagine skanky pond scummy water would taste) and instead I'm taking spirulina tablets with my vitamins.

I have an amazing amount of energy!

Even though I did not eat well over the weekend, I did manage to get a three mile run/walk in on Saturday morning. My mom and dad were impressed with my ability to do that!

Last week was pretty terrible as far as working out goes. I worked out Monday and Tuesday, Boy Pop was sick on Wednesday, and we went to the carnival (for a second time) on Thursday. Friday was spent trying to get out of town and actually driving 3.5 hours.

I have a ton of pictures from the weekend that I'm going to post on my main blog and some shopping news, too.

We leave for Mexico in under two months and Dr Pop and I are stepping up our efforts to get into swimsuit shape. We went to the gym yesterday for an hour. I'm buying protein bars and eating lots of fruit and salad and lean protein and whole grains.

If I could only get rid of my bloat...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I Think I Prefer the Treadmill

Which means I should be doing more Turbo Jam!

I just had my ass kicked by Chalene Johnson. But I made it all of the way through Cardio Party Mix 1, which is a feat I haven't accomplished in a year!

So that, um, snacking I did right after work might not stay on my middle today.


Two months and six days until "B" day (that would be bikini day)...

Last week, I went to the gym on Wednesday and Friday. I walked to the park and back with my boy on Tuesday. I walked/ran to the park and back by myself on Thursday. I shoveled poop yesterday. That counts, right?

I think I'm doing something wrong, though, and I cannot put my finger on it. I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, mostly drinking that sludge, eating lean meats and low-sodium foods. I'm exercising 3 to 4 days a week and have been for a month or so now.

And yet... I look the same! If it's possible, I look bigger in places I shouldn't. I'm bloated. Maybe it's an instant-gratification mentality, but I want to see results! Like yesterday.

I'm still motiviated to keep going, but I feel pretty discouraged. Yes, I'm still snacking, but hell's bells! I've cut WAY back on Diet Coke, chips, candy, and cookies. A woman cannot live on lettuce alone.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh. Um. Hi. Is this thing on?


I've been neglectful of my little workout spot. Wanna know why? LIFE! Stupid life, getting in the way of living and writing and stuff!

Oh, okay, I've been lazy.

Sue me.

I haven't been back to the gym since the free trainer visit. I know, I know... Whatever. I did manage to walk to the park and play with my boy on Saturday and yesterday, though. It's something. Not much. But something.

I just looked at my countdown ticker. I have two months and 11 days. That's it.

Last year, prior to our trip, I worked out literally 5 to 6 days a week. I didn't do weights every day, but I did some sort of aerobic activity (Turbo Jam, walking, running) almost every single day.

I'm going to have to bite the bullet again. It's time to be ACTIVE again. It's time to start obsessing.

But I did start drinking the sludge again on Sunday. Ugh. It's still as nasty as ever. But whatever works, right?

And I'm giving up junk food. Except for tortilla chips. And party foods.

This bod will be TIGHT by the end of May!

But I still contend that the best part is my newfound workout buddy who will make sure I go to the gym even if he has to drag me there himself. I love that we are doing this together.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gym Update (and general update)... A "State of the Process" if you will...

I haven't yet gotten into the routine I was in last spring, leading up to my Mexico trip, but I'm *this* close...

Last week, I only worked out two days (Tuesday and Saturday). There was simply too much life going on around me, you know, it being my birthday and anniversary week and all...

Dr Pop and I gathered up our boy and went to the gym Monday and I ran! Two whole miles! Non-stop! On the treadmill...

So, um, yeah, running on the treadmill is slightly easier than running through my neighborhood, it would seem. Who knew? Of course, I didn't run on an incline at the gym, so that might have something to do with it.

I also made some decent food choices even though we spent a lot of time in restaurants over the end of the week and through the weekend. Lots of salads and seafood and wraps. I'm sure the butter I drowned my crab claws and crab legs in wasn't that healthy, but Hello? special occasion, who cares? ;-)

Yesterday, I met with a trainer for my "free introductory session" which was really "we'll tell you stuff you already know, make you laugh, and try to get you to sign up to pay $35 an hour for more of our services." I did enjoy it, but it took forever! They showed me how to use some scary-looking machines and I worked my back, arms, shoulders, and abs. I'm feeling it somewhat today, but I'm a "Day 2" soreness person, so I fully expect to not be able to move tomorrow.

I enjoyed the trainers that I worked with, but I don't think I'll be signing up for any further sessions. The truth is, I know what I need to do. I know how long I need to do it. I know what my nutrition needs to be. I know I need to steer clear of fast food, salt, sweets, and junk food. Duh. And having a person call me and get on my ass about what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising seems a bit extreme. I have one of those living with me already. Hi Honey!

For now, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, incorporate some of the moves they taught me yesterday, use my DVDs every now and then, and just make healthy food choices.*

*This includes the green sludge that I can only seem to manage to drink for a week at a time.