Monday, January 31, 2011

Workout Update

I got those jeans! Hooray!

This time around, I'll be honest, I have half-assed some of the workouts and have skipped days. Hell, I skipped all of last week (thank you, influenza!). But I'm still seeing results on my physique, if not necessarily the scale. I need to add cardio and cut a few calories to truly see the results I want to see.

I did the math and I officially have 42 days until my first beach trip of the year and then the week we get back, I'll have 13 weeks exactly until the next trip. I'm going to work my ass off between now and spring break, but I won't be able to complete the program.

I worked it out that I have *just* enough time to actually complete all 13 weeks start to finish if I start it up the day after we get back from Mexico.

Folks, that is a lot of working out.

Just sayin'!

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& Stuff said...

I often times see women post comments like "Can't eat this because I'm off to the pool tomorrow." Or "Have to workout this week because I'm at the beach Saturday."

You have the right approach by planning ahead quite a bit. But remember that you ought to always make healthy choices for yourself. Not the passerbys at the countryclub.

Also I've heard from a few bodybuilders that diet / lifestyle choices are 80 percent of the battle while working out is the remaining 20 percent.